Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'd like to introduce to two great bag designers. They both have a passion for creating, designing and beautiful fabrics.

Wendy is the creator behind Bags and Buds ( She belongs to the Carried Away Bag Team (CABT).
She designs bags of the finest fabrics and with interesting details (like weaving different fabrics). Her signature is her floral buds that adorn almost everything including her key wristlets and hair accessories.

Wendy has been chairing the CABT challenge to raise funds for the "adopt" a soldier project. Visit the team shop at to see all of the freedom bags.

Kathleen is the designer behind gm Purseanalities ( She belongs to Unique Women In Business (UWIB).
She loves creating with many mediums including paper and wood. Right now, though,her two biggest passions are bags with a lot of ooomphff and jewelery.
Her Timeless Dragonfly Bag is on Etsy Storque Voter - Fabric Frenzy. It is typical of her eye catching designs.

The top bag is Wendys and the lower one is Kathleens. (Now that I know how to upload pictures, I have to figure out some more fine points. Until then please excuse the amateur look).


  1. You did a great job posting! And thanks so much for including me in your blog. Wendy's bag is beautiful.


  2. Thanks so much for the post. What a great find in Kathleen's bag too.

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