Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I'd like to introduce two multi talented ladies to you. Corrine belongs to Carried Away Bag Team (CABT)and Molly belongs to Unique Women in Business (UWIB).
Corrine's shop is called www.bagalicious.etsy.com. She hadn't sewn in years. After becoming a stay at home mom she revisited sewing, which she had learned as a teen. She has used her creativity to come up with many attractive handbags, hairbands, belts and wallets.
Molly has two shops. www.mojoindigo.etsy.com is her shop for women and www.mojoindigokids,etsy.com is for her kids line. Molly has been sewing since she was a child. She loved the endless possibilites to be creative that sewing opened up for her. She designs hats, bags, hairbands and clips for both women and girls.
Be sure to check both of their shops and you will be glad you did.

1. and 2. www.bagalicious.etsy.com 3. and 4. www.mojoindigo.etsy.com and www.mojoindigokids.etsy.com

Saturday, August 22, 2009


It seems that the handmade world is populated with many multi-crafters. I've met Add Imagea few on line and am taking the liberty to introduce some to you.
The first two that are being featured are Julie from www.wabibrookstudio.com and www.wabibrookstudio.etsy.com and Rita from www.ritascreationsonetsy.etsy.com and www.theangelcompany.net.
Julie is an artist and jeweler. She finds her inspiration in the nature all around her. Living on a working sheep and horse farm affords so many varied inspired moments. Her painting At The Bend In The Road has been accepted in a juried competition. Have a look at this painting at www.wabibrookstudio.com and read about its history.

Rita, loves quilting, stamping, sewing and paper crafts. She always has many projects going at once. She loves learning new techniques. Her quilting projects include table runners and the most amazing mens grilling glove in the shape of a fish. Her stamp passion is equal to her love of sewing.
She is now featured on www.theangelcompany.net website with some really beautiful work. It is definitely worth having a look. The pieces are terrific.

Pictures 1 and 2 are from www.ritascreationsonetsy.etsy.com
Pictures 3 and 4 are from www.wabibrookstudio.etsy.com

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I have a line of clutches cum pencil cases, that will keep a smile on anyones face. They have their own personality. It will give you a positive outlook on life.

To find these and other goodies visit my shop www.goldcrestbags.etsy.com

Monday, August 17, 2009


I am constantly amazed with the talented artists I meet in Unique Women In Business (UWIB), Carried Away Bag Team (CABT) and Etsy in general. I decided to focus this feature on artists that use color in a lot in unique ways.

The first artist is Kristen Stein of www.kristensteinfineart.etsy.com. She is a member of UWIB. She is an award winning artist with paintings in both public and private collections. More recently her art work was selected to appear in an upcoming movie and TV show. Kristens' use of colors is quite mesmerizing. She uses them both subtly and with a splash.

The next artist is Marcy of www.studiomarcy.etsy.com. and is also a member of UWIB. Marcy is a glass artist who loves to make people smile through her whimsical beads and sculptures. Aside from creating her original pieces she teaches both private and group lessons. She lists her favorite materials to work with. Along with glass and sterling and other precious metals were chocolate and coconut. Try as hard as I could, I couldn't figure out how they would withstand the heat she uses. I was afraid to write that the chocolate and coconut are what inspires her as she works. I emailed her to ask about it and it turns out I was right.

From the CABT there is a designer who uses color with such a splash that it brings a smile to your face. Her shop is called Vernon Ave www.vernonave.etsy.com. She is a graphic designer by profession. She's been making bags for friends and family and small boutiques for the last few years. She obviously LOVES color as all of her designs are filled with exuberance. The hand stitching on each bag makes them future vintage bags (which is apropos as she adores those as well).

This next designer is also from CABT. She makes really lovely bags with oil cloth which are on display in her shop called www.njoydesigns.etsy.com. I soooo appreciate the loveliness of her creations, because of the mundane character of the oil cloth.
She uses the designs and combinations of prints to create real art and vibrant combinations.
Her styles range from fun to funky and sleek to sophisticated.

1. www.vernonave.etsy.com 2. www.njoydesigns.etsy.com 3. www.studiomarcy.etsy.com
4. www.kristensteinfineart.etsy.com

Thursday, August 13, 2009


This gift guide is focused on items priced from $10. to $20. The selection is a cross section of items that will cover anyone on your gift list. There is something for the man in your life and even for your pet.

The shops are a mix of CABT, UWIB and Etsy in general.

Have fun shopping.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I finally figured out how to make the link from the blog to everyones shops. I'm sorry I'm so slow with the tech stuff, but next time I will be with the program (I really hope so). So, Thanks for you patience.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Being a Mom To Be is such an amazing, wonderful time. Than there is the hard stuff. There are all those big decisions. Which crib? What type of carriage? What color?

Then there are all of the important smaller decisions. What type of Diaper Bag? Should it reflect my personality? Should it be cute? Pink? Blue? Neutral? Should it be a fashion statement? Should it be personalized? Should it be floral? Chic?

I figured I would save all of these Moms To Be the stress of looking. I found such a sparkling assortment of Diaper Bags on Unique Women In Business (UWIB) and Carried Away Bag Team (CABT). Moms get ready for the challenge and have fun!!!

Everyone else, these make great gifts. Check them out.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I've been thinking about holiday gift giving a lot lately. I've thought about it in the context of the economy. How much or how little money will people have to spend. What should I put in my shop that will meet the needs of people.

I than came up with the idea of putting up a gift guide for Holiday Shopping in August. I found some really nice things in the $10 and under category. The collection includes gifts of all types.
I would like to continue this and other categories, but only if y'all think it would be of interest.

Polished Two on Etsy, rkdsign88 on Etsy, Gold Crest Bags on Etsy, Digitalsoaps on Etsy, Ticklebuttons on Etsy, Love Bug Studios on Etsy, Ticklebean on Etsy, Lil Sprout Knits on Etsy