Monday, August 3, 2009

I suddenly realized that I started blogging about Unique Women In Business and Carried Away Bag Team in a most disorganized fashion. What I really should have done is introduce the founders of the two teams first. I will do my best to rectify that situation right now.

The two creative women, with a lot of vision, are Erin of UWIB, and Krystal of CABT.
Both of them have careers and are creatively talented. Both are moms. Both of them have handmade businesses as well.

They have each created a team (or group) that is unique in format, yet essentially similar in function. Both founders have established groups that foster promotion of the team,, promotion of the individual shops and most of all a forum of support. There is humor and kindness, as well,that really helps you get through trying days.

UWIB is a group of women in business for themselves. They are in direct sales, handcrafting, and selling or women who just love to shop.

Erin, loves making jewelery. (I hope I'm forgiven about not illustrating with pictures, but I've just figured it out and will start with the next blog). Take the time to see her shop at Look for her Carrie Necklaces. They have made the front page of Etsy countless times and has even been featured in a magazine. Erin is also consultant for a line of botanically based products and mineral cosmetics which you will find at .

Krystal is the founder of the CABTeam. She created this team to include any one that makes a bag of any kind. If you can put something in it - than it's a bag.

Her real profession is being a graphic designer. Her real passion is designing and creating unique bags. Take the time to visit her shop at and her flickr stream www. There are many photos of bags made as gifts and those sold out side of Etsy.

Krystal has encouraged the group to be community oriented, as well as self directed.

Originally I thought to feature one person from each team a week. It just hit me that that would take almost forever. Soooo, I will be blogging twice a week instead. There are so many talented people that I want to find out more about and I am sure you do too.

Now that I have figured out the photo part of the blog, I would also like to find unique, fun, beautiful, different items and feature them as well. Hopefully, in a few days I will be back from my travels and will start on this great project.


  1. It's pretty easy to get pics in blogger. Go to pic of choice and right-click or on the mac ctrl-click it and choose save image location. Then go to blogger and click the tiny picture icon. Then under use a picture from web, paste the link and choose upload.

    Thanks for talking a bit about Carried Away. We're pleased to have you!

  2. Wonderful Miriam!!! Thank you so much for the fabulous feature!!!!
    Erin Keys

  3. great post, miriam! thanks for introducing us to krystal and her wonderful bags!