Saturday, December 12, 2009


With this give away you stand to choose the gift. You can pick one of the three items pictured. They are great for kids. They are called pajama bags. These are a special place where kids put their very personal belongings (that they usually hide under their pillows) with their p.j.s They look like pillows on kids' beds and are fun for them to use and great for you when they are neat.
(They all have openings on the under side.)

To win this contest you have to answer 4 out of 5 of these questions. Well, here goes.
1. What sense is most linked to memory?
2. Before Mount Everest was discovered what was the highest mountain on earth?
3.What is Kumihimo?
4.What two reindeers are mentioned in the song "Here Comes Santa Claus"?
5.When she insured her legs for $1,250,000. in 1937 this movie star became known as the "girl with the million dollar legs". Who was she?


  1. 1. Smell
    2. Still Mt. Everest! We just didn't know.
    3. Japanese form of braid-making
    5. Betty Grable

  2. 1. smell
    2. everest
    3. art of making cords
    4. prancer and dancer
    5. betty grabble

  3. My gosh you two are either very wise or what. Amanda you got it first, so take your pick. I must be in a very holiday spirit because Elena, you take a pick from the remaining two. Too bad it was such a short contest. I am compelled to do one more and make it very difficult. With google I will have to work on it a whole day to figure something out. email me at with your choices and addresses.

  4. WOHOOOOOOO! I am happy! I will wait till Amanda will pick her cutie and I will pick mine:) Oh, they are so cute!!!